When we adopted beautifully scrappy Emma as a Bichon Frisé puppy, we brought her home in the snuggly fleece of a blanket bought at a baby boutique. For 15 wonderful years she was at the heart of our family, and that blanket was a constant source of comfort that Emma never outgrew—washing after washing, and year after year.

When our unforgettable Emma passed away, our veterinary clinic asked if we’d like to donate the blanket. Of course! The caring staff soon reported that Emma’s blanket was indeed providing comfort to other pets. With this simple, soft gift, our little dog’s gentle spirit would live on. The idea for Blankets From Emma was born.

Each Blankets From Emma item is designed and sewn in the USA, including all binding, trim and tags. For the blanket fabric itself, we use only the highest quality polyester fleece, manufactured in Massachusetts. This is the very same, supremely soft and enduring fleece of Emma’s original blanket.

Made in sizes small or large, blanket colors are lovely neutrals: buff white, cappuccino tan, and soft grey (terrific for hiding hair).

Our well-stitched, binding reinforces each blanket’s strength and provides wonderful color options in seersucker stripe.

Every blanket is beautiful, practical and durable, ready for hundreds of washings over your pet’s lifetime. Fully machine-washable, and then air dry or fluff in the dryer on low.

Embroidery is available to customize and personalize each blanket—great for multiple pet households, gifts, or just for fun.